Patient Chairs – Types and Selection

There are many different patient chairs available, and navigating through the options can be a challenge. In this post, we look at the different chairs available from Medstrom, and the types of patients they can benefit.

Every patient is different, and there will always be exceptions to ‘rules’. However, a seating assessment involving a patient centred approach will help ensure the right chair is used at the right time.

General Considerations

Regardless of which chair is chosen, it must be the right dimensions and height for the patient, and be appropriate for their morphology. Getting the patient’s measurements correct is the most important thing to get right, but unfortunately it’s also a common mistake. A chair that’s too high/low, wide/narrow, deep/shallow can hinder mobilisation, increase the risk of falls and cause pressure damage.

The links below provide guidance on measuring patients for seating correctly:

From bed:  How to measure chair seat width with a bedbound patient

From a chair: How to measure seat size from a chair

Tilt-in-Space Patient Chairs

Tilt-in-Space chairs often assist with rehabilitation of complex patients, supporting early mobilisation and safer moving and handling.

Specifically, the Medstrom Tilt-in-Space PRO chairs are designed to:

  • Improve core stability
  • Offer a safe option for lateral transfer
  • Enable sitting out of bed for patients unable to sit safely in other chairs
Medstrom Tilt-in-Space PRO Chair Range Benefits
  • Range of sizes: Five different seat widths cater for many different shapes and sizes of people.
  • Patient positioning: The chair can be moved into multiple positions to meet both clinical and comfort needs. These include tilt-in-space, flat, and leg rest elevation and extension.
  • Effective pressure redistribution: Together with a supportive air cell cushion in the back rest, the chair also comes with an integrated Gel Ovations™ seat cushion, which gives effective immersion and climate management.
  • Easier mobilisation: For patients able to mobilise, forward tilt and seat height adjustment can assist.
  • Enhanced infection control: Seam-free technology and multi-stretch, durable outer vinyl with built-in anti-microbial technology.
  • Full electric operation: Reduces moving and handling risks and improves patient comfort.
Technical Details
Seat Width 51cm – 86cm (20” – 34”) – 5 widths available
Safe Working Load 350kg/55st
Compatible Cushions Medstrom Aria® cushion, Apollo bariatric cushion

Riser-Recliner Chairs

Riser-recliner chairs are suitable for patients who are recovering from illness, or have long-term health conditions which the chair can help to manage.

The Medstrom Riser-Recliner PRO chairs are uniquely designed to:

  • Improve core stability
  • Promote early mobilisation and independence
  • Maintain mobilisation at its current level
Medstrom Riser-Recliner PRO Chair Range BenefitsRiser Recliner PRO Recliner Chair
  • Easier mobilisation: Narrower arms compared to other Riser Recliner chairs, for patients to achieve the best grip.
  • Six different sizes: Caters for a wide range of patients.
  • Patient comfort and pressure area care: Waterfall backrest, removable lumbar cushion and integrated therapeutic cushion.
  • Optimum patient positioning: Four independent functions for optimal, individualised patient positioning. This includes an extendable leg rest, which can be raised to a flat position for oedema management.
  • Patient and staff safety: Automatic e-braking incorporated into the handset as standard.
Technical Details
Seat Width 51cm – 96cm (20” – 38”) – 6 widths available
Safe Working Load 198kg – 444kg/31st – 70st (dependent on seat width)
Compatible Cushions Medstrom Aria® cushion, Apollo bariatric cushion


Static Patient Chairs

Static chairs are suitable for patients who have enough core stability to remain sitting independently. They are often used in conjunction with standing and walking aids to enable earlier mobilisation and promote independence.

Medstrom Static Chair Range Benefits
  • Excellent postural support: Ergonomically designed back for head and lumbar support.
  • Pressure area care: Compatible with pressure redistributing seat cushions, where extra support is needed for a patient.
  • Superior infection control: Easy to wipe and clean.
  • Extended product life: Medstrom’s upholstery replacement service can repair individual damaged chair parts, which is much more cost-effective than replacing the whole chair.
Technical Details
Seat Width 47cm – 81cm  (18.5” – 32”) – 4 widths available
Safe Working Load 160kg – 320kg/25st – 50st (dependent on seat width)
Compatible Cushions Medstrom Aria® cushion, Apollo bariatric cushion


Would you like some advice or practical help on Medstrom’s patient chairs or other equipment? If so, our experienced, qualified nurse and physiotherapist Clinical Advisors are on hand round-the-clock to offer advice and support.

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