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Aria Cushion

The Medstrom Aria cushion is designed to be ultra-portable and compact, with its own control unit accompanied by a 12-hour battery life to acknowledge the drawbacks with traditional systems. Equipped with an ultra-low profile of just 6.5cm and innovative cubed cells, the cushion ensures safe mobilisation to and from a chair without compromising on therapeutic benefits.

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Key Features

Equipped with its own ultra-portable control unit and 12 hour battery life, meaning caregivers do not have the inconvenience of disconnecting and reconnecting the control unit when the patient moves from a bed to a chair and back again.

Through innovation, the Aria seat cushion addresses mobilisation challenges and offers an ultra-low profile of just 6.5cm, whilst still providing an effective, immersive and supportive platform.

The air immersion technology in the Aria cushion focuses on immersion and envelopment and uniquely offers reactive and active therapy, giving clinicians a choice of therapy mode driven through the immersion logic board.

Equipped with five comfort settings and the ability to customise the cycle times when in active mode, the Medstrom Aria cushion allows users to adapt the settings to accommodate their individual needs.

Technical Specifications
Min patient weight: No minimum patient weight
Max patient weight: 200kg (31st)
Total length and width: 45cm x 45cm
Depth: 6.5cm
Therapy options: Constant immersion (reactive) and Alternating (active)
Cushion weight: 1.1kg
Control unit dimensions: 25cm x 12.2cm x 5.7cm
Control unit weight: 1kg

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