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Medstrom Aria

Discover the new air immersion dynamic range from Medstrom, based on years of experience in pressure ulcer prevention and treatment.

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The Medstrom Aria utilises air immersion technology, with more stability deliberately built into the immersive cells to encourage and aid patient independence, whilst still maintaining a level of immersion to prevent pressure build up over bony prominences. The air immersion technology in the Medstrom Aria range uniquely offers reactive and active features as defined by EPUAP, giving clinicals a choice of therapy mode driving through the immersion logic board.


Constant immersion is an advanced reactive technology that is activated by the patient’s weight and position on the mattress. Whilst in bed, the immersion will be automatically adjusted each and every time the patient moves, ensuring that they remain optimally supported at all times.

Gradient immersion offers a more effective and comfortable active technology using very subtle periodic changes within the mattress cells. This is also activated by patient weight and position on the mattress and will automatically adjust specific to patient movement and position on the surface.

Key Features

Unique cubed cell design creating wall-to-wall contact to increase surface area and immersion.

Whisper quiet technology thanks to innovative technology, allowing patients to rest properly.

One-button repositioning mode that will maximum inflate the cells to provide a safe and stable platform for repositioning the patient or mobilisation in/out of the bed.

Modern and intuitive control unit to simplify end-user training.

Technical Specifications
Max patient weight: 200kg (31.5st)
Total length and width: 85cm x 200cm
Depth: 18cm
Therapy options: Constant immersion (CLP) and gradient immersion (AP)
Max inflate: One-button, defaults back to therapy after 20 minutes
Mattress weight: 7kg
Control unit dimensions: 31.5cm x 22cm x 12cm
Control unit weight: 2.8kg

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