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Why Medstrom? Feedback from our customers helps explain why.

They tell us that we are professional and friendly, up-front and approachable. We build trust because we deliver. We do what we say and we usually say 'yes'!

Our Company is about our people.

Our Clinical Advisors and Service teams understand your contract needs and adapt ideas to provide solutions to local needs.

Our flexibility, honesty and dedication to ‘do the right thing’ means we work hand-in-hand with our new customers to make contract transitions seamless.

We constantly look for improvements for our customers and provide management reporting and data analytics to hold ourselves accountable for the service you engage us for.

We have built a service culture that supports all staff who use our products and we care passionately about attaining the best possible outcomes for patients.

Uncertainty surrounding Brexit prompted our commitment to start manufacturing in the UK in 2020, sourcing many components locally. Our manufacturing model allows us to control supply chain, quality, cost and highly responsive delivery times.

Our customers say we are: Easy to work with, Transparent, Conscientious, Patient, Understanding, Flexible, Willing, Positive, Receptive, Honest, Trustworthy and Valuable

Read more about our products, technology and services to see how our dedication and passion for what we do can complement yours!

Taking accountability

100% 4 hours

100% of fluid immersion simulation mattresses delivered and installed
within 4 hours.

South East NHS Trust,  Dec 2023


97% 4 hours

97% of faults responded to and resolved
within 4 hours.

North West NHS Trust,  Dec 2023

99% 4 hours

99% of bariatric products for plus sized patients
installed within 4 hours.

South West NHS Trust, Dec 2023

Client Testimonials

At Medstrom we pride ourselves on the quality of our team, the responsiveness and flexibility of our approach, our track record of improving patient outcomes and our ability to offer a unique service and product offering to our customers.

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