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Flexible rental solutions that ensure patients receive the right product at the right time.

Operating 24/7/365, means we are here when you need us most. Medstrom works closely with healthcare staff to ensure patients have access to the most suitable and specialist equipment for improved outcomes. Especially during peak periods, such as Winter pressures or in response to COVID-19.

We adapt to your needs, with ethical and cost-effective rental packages that afford both clinical and financial benefits. Plus, Medstrom’s skilled teams can assist with training and service support around the clock, to provide you with peace of mind.

Unlock the potential of a specialist equipment rental service for your patients and staff with Medstrom Now.

This unique and innovative rental offering delivers immediate and cost-effective access to equipment, meaning the right the patient is on the right equipment, at the right time.

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We are proud to introduce a distinctive, one-stop-shop bariatric rental service that considers plus-size patients and caregivers, with financial packages to suit all budgets.

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