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Dolphin Therapy

Clinically and technologically advanced fluid immersion simulation therapy has transformed the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers for the most complex patients.

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Dolphin Therapy is a reactive mattress system that creates a simulated fluid environment, enabling full immersion and envelopment, significantly reducing pressure, shear and tissue deformation.

Indications for use:

  • Patients who otherwise would be suitable for air fluidised therapy and would be most frequently used in the care of patients within intensive care, burns and plastics, vascular surgery and trauma & orthopaedic units.
  • Patients with pressure related tissue damage and those undergoing flap surgery for pressure ulcer repair.
  • Prevention of skin breakdown in the most vulnerable of patients including spinal cord injury where the spine has been stabilised.
  • Pain management, including end-of-life care.
  • Where repositioning is challenging, for example for patients in ICU/CCU.
  • Patients who are non-concordant with repositioning.


Origins of Dolphin Therapy:

For decades the US Navy has trained Dolphins to undertake underwater reconnaissance. When transported out of water, Dolphins started to die. Post-mortem examinations identified the cause of death as circulatory distress due to internal organ trauma; crushing type injuries which were the result of gravity exerting pressure and vertical shear force on the mammals’ internal tissues and organs.

US Naval engineers set about developing a support system that could recreate buoyancy during transportation, recreating the Dolphin’s natural state. The technology has now been released for commercial application and Medstrom are proud to deliver this technology to patients in the acute and community sectors.

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Key Features

Tissue symmetry is maintained, meaning tissues are not squashed or distorted.

Vascular occlusion is minimised, maintaining near normal blood flow.

Tissue ischemia is prevented, even when the patient is nursed directly on the affected area.

2,000+ UK & Ireland positive clinical patient outcomes achieved.

Technical Specifications
Min patient weight: No minimum weight
Max patient weight: 248kg (39st)
Total length and width: 89cm x 208cm
Depth: 25cm
Mattress weight: 10kg
Control unit dimensions: 29.2cm (w) x 31.8cm (h) x 15.2cm (d)
Control unit weight: 4.5kg
Battery backup: 12 hours

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