Total Bed Management

Medstrom’s Total Bed Management (TBM) solution is a clinically efficient and effective service, supporting customers through a co-operative service relationship and providing true clinical choice.

Working alongside multiple manufacturers, Medstrom is uniquely able to provide clinical choice from a range of high quality beds, mattresses and specialist products, accompanied by a dedicated technical support team, ensuring customer confidence and satisfaction.

As a true multi-vendor company, Medstrom has the ability to select the best product to suit our customer’s healthcare needs. Incorporating this within our TBM solution, it is possible to benefit multiple areas across customer sites, including tissue viability, manual handling, critical care, accident and emergency, community as well as specialist requirements for bariatric care both in acute and community settings.

By assuming complete control over the bed and mattress management process, Medstrom assists in reducing the challenges facing healthcare professionals, allowing for improved patient and customer outcomes.

Medstrom are an independent service provider and have the expertise to include many other products within this management umbrella including chairs, hoists, stretchers, incubators, cots and all specialist and non-specialist bed provision.

In addition to providing a tailored choice of products, Medstrom has developed a solution combining installation, bed management, product decontamination, clinical support, product life cycle management and a range of soft services that help improve efficiency and patient outcomes.

Medstrom’s technical expertise, KPI focus, clinical follow-up and product range allows a service that cascades from acute to community. This in many cases helps to reduce length  of stay in hospital, avoids bed-blocking and ensures a consistent treatment for each patient. In some contracts, Medstrom work with Trusts to ensure their desired one-hour discharge for end -of-life patients. This means no delay in the products required to get them home.

Our Contracts

Today Medstrom run 21 Total Bed Management contracts covering 67 hospital sites, managing over 20% of the NHS bed and mattress fleet. Our experienced service personnel are focused on delivering a premium, cost effective service that is focused on service first and foremost.

Our aim is to work with clients to extend the reasonable life of products, whilst looking to ensure appropriate clinical use at the same time as collectively achieving good clinical outcomes.

– Reactive 24/7 rental service

– Improved patient and customer outcomes

– Medstrom works in partnership with many companies as a true multi-vendor service provider

– Full package of Medstrom services available

– Specialist 24/7 support

– Reduced financial costs to the customer

– Long-term lease of specialist products and unique service



Our Services

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    Decontamination Services

    Medstrom’s Otex ozone laundry service destroys 99.999% of harmful micro-organisms such as MRSA, E. Coli, Norovirus and C. difficile spores.

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    Bed Management

    Medstrom’s Total Bed Management solution is a clinically efficient and effective service, supporting customers through a co-operative service relationship and providing true clinical choice.

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    Planned Preventative Maintenance

    Planned Preventative Maintenance encompasses the scheduled service and maintenance of equipment, which Medstrom incorporates into customer specific, agreed schedules.

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    Audit Services

    Our highly experienced team offer a foam mattress and pressure ulcer prevalence & incidence fully managed audit service.

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    Training & Education

    We offer a range of training and educational opportunities to our customers.

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    Product Tracking

    i-Tracker is Medstrom’s simple, intuitive and unique asset management system.

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    Bluetooth technology provides customers with an accurate asset tracking tool that helps to optimise product usage and healthcare provision, as well as ensuring staff and patient safety.

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    Clinical Services

    Medstrom is proud to offer 24/7/365 support from our team of RN and RGN qualified Clinical Advisors and Clinical Managers.

Our People