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ECO Mist

It’s time for change. ECO Mist is the future of patient hygiene, utilising innovative hydro-molecular technology. The result? Patient dignity and experience restored, up to 65% reduction in caregiver time and up to 95% water reduction than a traditional bed bath.  

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Medstrom ECO Mist delivers superior patient hygiene. Using a precision spray, its targeted, temperature controlled action is more thorough and sustainable than the traditional patient hygiene method of bed bathing.

The ECO Mist patient hygiene device achieves targeted cleaning through its unique and innovative hydro-molecular technology, which breaks the flow of water, transforming it into molecules which dispense at 100 microns. This enables precision washing, reaching only the intended parts of the body without wetting surrounding areas, and eliminating dispersion of molecules in the air. Each wash takes only 10 – 15 minutes, which is a much more efficient method of patient hygiene delivery than a bed bath.

In comparison to a traditional bed bath, this new and exclusive method of providing patient hygiene promotes a more positive experience for both the patient and caregiver. It is also more sustainable, eliminating the need for pulp bowls, reducing the number of wipes and towels needed, and saving on average 9.5 litres of water per wash. Medstrom ECO Mist is a new, modern, better patient hygiene solution for patients in bed.

Key Features
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ECO Mist enables precision washing, reaching only the intended parts of the patient without contacting surrounding areas and eliminating dispersion of molecules in the air.

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Estimates show an ECO Mist wash takes 10 to 15 minutes per patient and is incredibly simple to use at the touch of a button. This is 65% less than a traditional bed bath.

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ECO Mist is aligned with NHS net zero pathway thanks to its eco-friendly method, using only 500ml to wash a single patient vs. up to 10L in bed baths.

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The refreshing mist provides a satisfying spa-like experience where patients are getting truly washed, not just wet. This includes being able to wash patient's hair easily.

Technical Specifications
External Dimensions: 93cm x 47cm x 37.5cm
Weight (without water): 34kg
Maximum internal water temperature: 55ºC
Maximum dispensing water temperature: 40ºC
IPX rating : IP21

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