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P.R.O. Matt Plus

Equipped with a unique and patented valve system and semi-dynamic technology, P.R.O. Matt Plus in non-powered mode, is able to achieve a pressure profile similar to that of a dynamic air mattress. This offers significantly higher therapy than a foam mattress and a traditional hybrid system and means patients are protected immediately.

If the patient requires a ‘step up’, cell-in-cell technology allows a control unit to be added, converting the system to powered therapy and uniquely offering both alternating and continuous low pressure.

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Key Features

Unique Pressure Redistribution Optimisation (P.R.O.) technology requires no manual inflation and ensures each zone remains optimally inflated, delivering semi-dynamic performance and achieving high levels of immersion.

Advanced control unit offering both continuous low pressure, alternating pressure therapies and a range of additional bespoke options.

Quick and simple ‘step up’ or ‘step down’ to meet clinical need.

2.5cm viscoelastic foam topper and zoned head, torso and heel sections provides maximum pressure redistribution, support, and comfort.

Technical Specifications
Min patient weight: No minimum patient weight
Max patient weight: 227kg (35.7st)
Total length and width: 85cm x 203cm
Depth: 17cm
Therapy options: Alternating pressure and continuous low pressure
Max inflate: One-button max inflate, automatically defaults back to therapy mode after 30 minutes
Mattress weight: 11kg
Control unit dimensions: 8cm x 26cm x 13cm
Control unit weight: 1.5kg
Comfort settings: 3

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