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Terms & Conditions

Medstrom value your custom and respectfully remind you that payment terms are 30 days from the invoice date. Please therefore send payment within 30 days, as Medstrom reserves the right to charge interest at the rate of 8% per annum on any overdue invoices. Invoices that are not challenged within fourteen days of the invoice date, remain due 30 days from their original invoice date. Agreed KPIs will be invalid if payments are delayed.

If you have any invoice queries, please contact us on 01 686 9487 or by email at quoting the reference at the top of your invoice.

Any prices quoted exclude VAT. Capital quotations are valid for 30 days and title shall pass to the customer as soon as Medstrom has received payment for the products in full.

A lease quote is only valid for 7 days. Prices may vary following that if interest rates change. Any lease customer may be credit checked during the approval process. Lease charges are based on payments in advance unless otherwise stated on the quote. Deferred payments are payments in arrears.

If a rental product is not able to be located by our clinical team or technician during normal checks Medstrom will inform the customer and evidence when it was last seen by a member of the Medstrom team (i.e. installation, clinical follow up or fault attendance). Medstrom will expect the customer to then use internal methods of communication to try and locate the product. The daily rental rate will continue to be charged until such time that the customer informs Medstrom that the product has either been found or is definitely lost. In the latter case, we will raise an invoice to cover the cost of the lost product. ‘Lost product’ pricing can be supplied on request.

The customer will be charged for damage that occurs to any part of a rental product while in use.

Medstrom service personnel expect to be granted the right to enter customer premises during reasonable times in order to provide service to equipment under a warranty or maintenance contract. Equipment maintenance, repair and/or call-outs may be subject to additional charge for items that are not covered under a warranty or maintenance contract, or where reasonable access has been refused.

Medstrom works with multiple manufacturers to provide true clinical choice by providing access to a range of products that would normally be restricted with the limited range of a single manufacturer. Manufacturers of Medstrom-supplied products continually look to develop and improve their products, and this is usually subject to change without notice. Medstrom cannot therefore make any commitment to update or keep current, the information provided by the manufacturers in the various user and service manuals and quick user guides. All manufacturers typically reserve the right to make changes without notice in design, specification, and models.