New Product Launch:
Specialist ozone laundry combines with on-site product decontamination, achieving world-class audit results.

Medstrom offers a comprehensive decontamination service that optimises the cleaning and disinfection of medical equipment, to keep patients and caregivers safe. This incorporates innovative and highly effective Ozone technology, an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional laundry processes.

This works at low or ambient temperatures, using oxygen-rich water to disinfect and destroy 99.999% of harmful micro-organisms, such as MRSA, E. coli, C. difficile spores and Coronavirus.

Helping to deliver outstanding results, whilst reducing energy consumption and eliminating the use of harsh bleaching agents.

Throughout our extensive network of service centres and laundry facilities, Medstrom maintains the highest decontamination standards when handling and transporting equipment.

Don’t just take our word for it; coupled with regular in-house swabbing, Medstrom utilises independent auditing that validates our results on behalf of clients and patients.

External Sterility Auditing

Our laundry facilities are sterility audited regularly by Anderson Caledonia by swab sampling and air monitoring via settle plates. Recent audits (6th October 2020) showed:

Of 31 swabs tested:

  • All passed
  • 97% had a count of below 10 (action limit 200)

Of 14 settle plates tested:

  • All passed
  • 57% had a count below 30 (action limit 130)

This is an astounding performance for an industrial laundry facility, and we are extremely proud of this result.

Loading a washing machine - Medstrom's decontamination services

Ozone Technology

Ozone technology has been validated by the Dept. of Health Rapid Review Panel and the FDA as an effective way of decontamination of clinical laundry. The Rapid Review Panel stated that “evidence shows that it is more effective in decontamination than current laundry systems”.

Key Benefits

Externally audited

We actively encourage spot checks of our laundry facility or service centres to maintain exceptional practices

Infection control

Company-wide procedures ensure our staff remain safe when handling product, to retain an efficient decontamination procedure

Environmentally friendly

Our eco-friendly laundry solution works at low or ambient temperatures in a completely natural process


This reduces energy consumption, making decontamination more cost effective


Ozone technology sets the standard for effective decontamination in the healthcare sector

Quality control

Our service centres are strictly audited without notice every quarter against a 100-point checklist