New Product Launch:
Rejuvenate tired medical furniture through Medstrom’s dedicated and cost-effective upholstery service

Medstrom’s in-house upholstery service avoids the unnecessary costs associated with condemning and replacing hospital equipment, helping to extend the lifespan of bedside chairs, medical couches and much more.

Where previously a small tear or minor cosmetic damage signalled the disposal of equipment, Medstrom can refresh and unlock the value of overlooked hospital furniture. Eradicating extensive lead times, whilst improving patient’s access to equipment.

Before & After

Medstrom offers a comprehensive range of vinyl options which employ ShieldPlus™ technology to deliver outstanding anti-microbial protection and infection control.

All upholstery and structural repairs are fully compliant with fire safety regulations.

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Key Benefits


Refresh existing equipment instead of purchasing new, to provide significant cost savings at ward level
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Quick turn around

Eradicate lenghty lead times from manufacturers in exchange for rapid repairs completed by Medstrom in house or on site

Improved availability

Ensuring product uptime is maximised means patients and staff have greater access to essential equipment

Superior infection control

Easy to clean and antic-microbial protected, re-upholstered equipment complies with infection control protocols

Fire safety compliant

All re-upholstery work is carried out to highest fire safety standards, with approved labelling

Structural repairs

As well as repairing worn fabric, Medstrom can return damaged wooden frames to their original condition