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First-class audit management services that deliver comprehensive prevalence and incidence data customised to your requirements

Medstrom offers a tiered service for prevalence and incidence audits. Beginning with simple data collection, through to a full assessment of every patient’s skin and documentation to help customers pinpoint areas of required improvement. 

With years of experience in organising, managing and executing successful audits, Medstrom’s team is well equipped to support.

Indeed, our expertise is such that we were selected to assist the first ever national pressure ulcer prevalence audit, completed by NHS Wales in 2015.

All audits are carried out by our RGN qualified Clinical Advisors, who capture data digitally for rapid upload, co-ordination and analysis. This aids fast reporting and identifying areas for improvement or better allocation of resources.

This was the most well-planned audit of this magnitude that I have ever witnessed in the 32 years I have worked for the NHS.

Nick Howlett, Health and Safety Services Manager, UHL

Foam Mattress Audits

As part of the service package for our contract customers we offer an annual foam mattress audit conducted by our highly experienced team.

This incorporates a replacement program for condemned mattresses, whilst capturing data at point of audit to enable accurate reporting back to the Trust.


i-Tracker is Medstrom’s unique asset management system, providing key data and visibility of units in use in any hospital, department or ward.

It can support the collection of clinical data for enhanced traceability and benchmarking and is a crucial tool within Medstrom’s incidence and prevalence audits.

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Key Benefits

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Highly experienced

Our teams have completed numerous audits for Trusts and Health Boards across the UK and Ireland over the past decade


We work closely with staff and ward managers to ensure the data collected is as accurate as possible

Real-time data

Rapid data upload means we can analysis trends as we progress through the audit


Medstrom ensures each member is equipped with a tablet device, which synchronises regularly with our i-Tracker asset management software


Medstrom provides a hassle-free experience, handling the entire process expertly from start to finish


Questions are customisable to customer requirements to ensure you get the most relevant data