New Product Launch:
Clinical innovation, evidence-based practice and education are at the heart of Medstrom’s philosophy. These elements are central to our newly unveiled facility – Medstrom Academy.

Discover and immersive yourself in the Medstrom Academy; a purpose-built space that showcases Medstrom’s range of solutions that focus on meeting patient, caregiver and Trust/Health board’s key clinical challenges.

This includes the use of:

  • Fully referenced materials to align closely with the clinical objectives of our visitors.
  • Empathy suits and age simulation suits that allow visitors to experience first-hand, the body morphology or physical impairments of today’s plus-size or ageing population.
  • Educational and visual tools that demonstrate how to select the right specification of equipment.
  • ‘Amazon Alexa’ voice recognition technology to answer questions on numerous clinical challenges.

CPD Accredited Courses

Leading the way with education and supporting our healthcare professionals, Medstrom are proud to offer a range of free CPD-Accredited courses that can either be facilitated at our Academy or on the road at your hospital. Our courses include:

  • The Definition of a Pressure Ulcer
  • The Science of Surfaces
  • Plus-size Patient Morphology
  • The Consequences of Immobility
  • Mitigating Bed-Related Injuries

Clinical Director

Medstrom’s very own Clinical Director, Debbie Newcombe, is undertaking a master’s degree in Clinical Research to further develop the suite of clinical evidence behind our products. Debbie, who was key in the development of the Medstrom Academy commented:

“We wanted to really immerse people into the individual clinical challenges that confront the NHS every day. Being a very practical and visual learner myself, having the ability to experience a condition or situation from a patient’s perspective, makes learning far more impactful”

If you’d like to visit the Medstrom Academy, including free use of our meeting room facilities, contact