Which Bariatric Bed is Best for My Patient?

Selecting the best bariatric bed for a plus-size patient can be challenging, as multiple complex needs often need to be addressed. So with this in mind, we look at Medstrom’s bariatric bed range in this post, and highlight the benefits and indications for each.


Medstrom has a comprehensive range of bariatric beds for use in hospital, other care facilities, and the community. They are designed to help individuals at different stages of their life and recovery journey. When used in combination with other bariatric products, they can make a significant difference to a person’s recovery, quality of life, and dignity.

Versatech 1100

Versatech 1100 is the most recent addition to Medstrom’s bariatric bed range. It provides an excellent combination of benefits for both patients and caregivers.

Areas of use: Hospitals, nursing homes, long term rehabilitation centres, elderly care facilities, and other specialised care centres.

Safe Working Load: 500kg

Versatech 1100 bariatric bed
Versatech 1100 Bed

Key Features and Benefits

  • Ultra-low height of 21cm. This allows almost all patients to mobilise from a safe height with their feet flat on the floor,1 reducing the risks of falls and associated injuries.
  • Width adjustable. Each sleep deck section can be adjusted from 91cm to 134cm. As a result, Versatech 1100 can provide more space and comfort for the patient, and be easily moved through doorways and into side rooms and lifts. In addition, the sections can be narrowed for closer, safer hands-on care.
  • Integral Class III Weighing Scale. Convenient, accurate and dignified in-bed weighing.
  • Integral bed exit alarm: With two levels of detection (in-bed movement and complete bed exit), it alerts caregivers to any unexpected or dangerous manoeuvres.

MMO 8000

With a proven track record over many years, the MMO 8000 bed is very popular. There are many currently in use across the whole of the UK and Ireland. It’s particularly useful for helping to achieve early patient mobilisation.

Areas of use: Hospitals, nursing homes, long term rehabilitation centres, elderly care facilities, and other specialised care centres.

Safe working load: 340kg              Maximum patient weight: 250kg

MMO 8000 bariatric bed
MMO 8000 Bed

Key Features and Benefits

  • Ultra-low height of 21cm. Like the Versatech 1100 bariatric bed, the 21cm low height allows safe mobilisation of almost all patients. As a result, early mobilisation, with associated improved outcomes, is more easily achievable.
  • Programmable custom mobilisation height: Once programmed, the bed will stop at this height every time it is raised/lowered. So it can be set to the safest mobilisation height for each patient, eliminating guesswork and reducing falls risks.
  • 2D articulating back rest. This mimics spine elongation, to help eliminate patient migration down the bed, which reduces shear and friction on skin.
  • ‘A’ frame construction. The design of the bed base gives unrestricted hoist access, reducing moving and handling risks. In addition, it provides excellent access for cleaning and servicing.


The Bari10A bariatric hospital bed delivers effective positioning and support for acutely unwell plus-size patients. Extremely strong and robust, it helps in the delivery of safe care, often with bed bound patients.

Safe working load: 475kg

Areas of use: Hospitals, nursing homes, long term rehabilitation centres, elderly care facilities, and other specialised care centres.

Bari10A bariatric bed
Bari10A Bed

Key Features and Benefits

  • Width adjustable. The sleep deck sections can be adjusted from 91cm to 122cm, for maximum flexibility and improved patient comfort and care.
  • Caregiver safety. The platform height range allows safer patient handling and other interventions, allowing caregivers to work at an optimal height.
  • Early mobilisation. Fully electric operation allows early in-bed mobilisation and frequent positional changes, helping to reduce deconditioning and complications of immobility.
Quick Selection Guide

The table below is a basic quick guide to selection of the best bariatric bed depending on the patient’s needs. While this is a useful starting point, there will always be exceptions which may lead to a different choice.

Key: V1100 = Versatech 1100; M8000 = MMO 8000; B10A = Bari10A

Pro Bario Active

The Pro-Bario Active bariatric community bed is designed for plus-size users living at home with complex needs. In addition, it provides an excellent hospital to home option, helping to facilitate and bring forward hospital discharge.

Safe working load: 350kg              Maximum patient weight: 320kg

Areas of use: Home care.

Pro Bario Active
Pro Bario Active Bed

Key Features and BenefitsPro Bario Active

  • Designed for home delivery and assembly. Four component sections allow the bed to be moved up or down steps and through doors and hallways. It is then assembled by Medstrom technicians in the room where it will be used.
  • Versatile design. Full length side rails allow deep cell mattresses to be used safely. Additionally, an optional grab rail and lifting pole assist with mobilisation and repositioning.
  • User and caregiver safety. The height range of 30cm to 70cm allows the user to mobilise safely, and caregivers to work at a safe height.
  • Enhanced pressure area care. Auto-contour and auto-regression reduce sliding down the bed, reducing shear and friction.

In addition to bariatric beds, Medstrom has a full range of mattresses and accessories for plus-size patient care. Do you need any help or information on these? If so, our Clinical Advisors and Bariatric Specialists are on hand 24/7 to support you.