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Versatech 1100

With an established range of bariatric equipment, including two known and widely used bed frames, Medstrom is delighted to exclusively introduce the Versatech 1100 bariatric bed to its growing portfolio, significantly adding to the solutions available.

The Versatech 1100 is a width adjustable, ultra-low bed with a high safe working load of 500kg and additional high specification benefits such as Class III weigh scales, bed exit alarms and a range of electric profiling functionality.

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Key Features

The Versatech 1100 achieves an ultra-low height of 21cm, providing a height range to accommodate even the shortest of patients, resulting in safe mobilisation at all times.

Width adjustment from 91cm to 134cm provides ultimate versatility to accommodate different patient morphologies. The variable width aids access to side rooms, doorways, lifts etc, overall delivering convenience.

The integrated Class III weighing scales provides ultimate safety and dignity as the patient can be weighed in bed, reducing the need for hoisting.

Integral bed exit alarms can assist caregivers with being proactive with patient handling and deters any unexpected or dangerous manoeuvres that may increase risk of staff injury.

Technical Specifications
Minimum height : 21.6cm
Maximum height : 81.3cm
Safe working load: 500kg
Bed weight : 240kg
Minimum overall bed dimensions : 102cm (W) x 237cm (L)
Maximum overall bed dimensions: 132cm (W) x 257cm (L)
Sleep deck dimension width adjustments: 89cm/97cm/104cm/119cm
Sleep deck dimension length adjustments: 203cm/213cm/223cm
Back rest angle: 65°
Thigh section angle : 34°
Trend/reverse Trend angle : +/- 12°
CPR: Electric and manual
Side rails: Split side rails

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