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The Bari10A bariatric hospital bed delivers effective positioning and support for acutely unwell plus-size patients. Uniquely able to extend in width and length, the four-section platform can be customised for optimal patient comfort, whilst providing safe and strain-free access for caregivers. This bariatric bed is compatible with a range of bariatric surfaces that can aid with pressure redistribution and effective patient turning.

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Key Features

The four sections of the bed can be individually width reduced, allowing safe, close access to the patient for nursing procedures.

A superior safe working load, coupled with an extendable platform accommodates for all plus-size patients.

One button full chair position aids respiratory function and can improve patient well-being.

Weighing scales are available as an in-built option or shoe scale accessory to complement plus-size patient care.

Technical Specifications
Minimum height: 48cm (19”)
Maximum height: 86cm (34”)
Safe working load: 475kg (75st)
Bed weight: 330kg (52st)
Overall bed dimensions: Minimum 99cm x 229cm (39” x 90”) / Maximum 132cm x 249cm (52” x 98”)
Sleep deck dimensions: Minimum 91cm x 203cm (36” x 80”) / Maximum 122cm x 223cm (48” x 88”)
Back rest angle: 65°
Thigh section angle: 35°
Calf section angle: 10°
Trend/reverse Trend angle: +/- 15°
Castors: Heavy duty steer and brake castors
CPR: Electronic and manual CPR controls
Side rails: Simple folding split rail design
Warranty: 1 year

For over a decade, Medstrom has transformed the rental market by providing flexible, responsive and cost-effective solutions. Together, with our experience and clinical focus, we are delighted to introduce a unique, one-stop-shop, bariatric rental service that considers the patients and caregivers, with financial packages to suit all budgets.

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