World Cancer Day – 4th February 2020

Pain occurs in 20% to 50% of patients with cancer, and roughly 80% of patients with advanced-stage cancer have moderate to severe pain*

The Dolphin Therapy fluid immersion simulation system has been evidenced to improve comfort and reduce pain levels in highly complex patients including those receiving palliative care and those at end of life. It also provides the highest level of protection against pressure ulcers, which if acquired would almost certainly lead to further pain and discomfort.

Based on the clinical outcomes of 1,000 highly complex patients:

  • 99% of patients had their objective for improvement in comfort and pain achieved
  • 95% of patients with existing skin damage healed, improved or remained static
  • 99% of patients placed on Dolphin Therapy for prevention did not acquire skin damage

“Dolphin Therapy has been wonderful; it has made her so comfortable for the first time in seven months, and her quality of life has changed drastically.” – Relative of end-of-life patient

If you would like more information on Dolphin Therapy, and how it can support patients with Carcinoma, please contact 0845 371 1717 to speak to one of our RGN Clinical Advisors or email

*Reference: National Cancer Institute.