Bariatric Static Chair

Medstrom offers a range of static bariatric hospital seating which promotes plus-size patient comfort and safe mobilisation. An adjustable height allows patients to mobilise from an optimal seated position, with additional support provided by the adjustable arm rests. Altogether, the extra-wide and heavy-duty design complements Medstrom’s other bariatric equipment and accessories.

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Key Benefits

A choice of seat width options (28" and 32") helps to improve plus-size patient comfort and overall hospital experience.

Adjustable chair height can be set to the patient’s popliteal height, to aid safe mobilisation.

Arm rest height can be adjusted for superior patient comfort and to facilitate transfers.

Seat composed of pressure redistributing foam with a multi-stretch, durable and easy to clean outer vinyl.

Technical Specifications
Seat Width: 71cm (28”) – 81cm (32”)
Overall Width: 82.5cm (32”) – 92.5cm (36”
Seat Depth: 51cm (20”)
Overall Depth: 80cm (31”)
Seat Height: 51cm (20”)
Overall Height: 109cm (43”)
Safe Working Load: 320kg (50st)

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