Falls Prevention

Falls and fractures are a common and serious problem affecting older patients, with over 250,000 falls and more than 1,000 fractures reported each year from hospitals in England and Wales alone. Indeed, inpatient falls are now the most commonly reported patient safety incident¹. With the significant associated personal and financial consequences, reducing the incidence of falls in hospitals is an important concern for patients, carers, providers and commissioners of care.

Falls prevention is a complex issue crossing the boundaries of health and social care, public health and accident prevention. The vision of a falls prevention programme is to reduce harm from falls without compromising dignity, independence and rehabilitation.

Patients in today’s healthcare arena are older and more vulnerable, yet clinicians still want to get patients mobilised at the earliest opportunity. The MMO range of ultra-low beds offer a platform that is low enough to create a safe environment that will encourage independent and safe mobilisation without the risk of falls.

 1. National Audit of Inpatient Falls, Royal College of Physicians 2015.