Medstrom Continues to Invest in Clinical Evidence and Research

Medstrom Healthcare has announced its commitment to supporting evidence-based practice with Clinical Director, Deborah Newcombe, being funded to study a master’s degree in Clinical Research. The course is being undertaken at the University of Sheffield, School of Health and Related Research, and will help to further evidence the performance of Medstrom’s products and services.

This degree differentiates Medstrom, who is already known for being a clinically focused product, service and educational provider, as an industry pioneer by appraising evidence that is put into the healthcare arena.

Deborah Newcombe is looking forward to her studies and commented:

“It’s humbling how wonderful it is to work for and with a team so dedicated to evidencing outcomes, bringing out the best in team members and investing in taking team members’ ‘skill sets’ to the next level.  I feel so lucky to be a part of Medstrom. This opportunity makes me want to do our fantastic team proud”.

Deborah will be undertaking modules in subjects such as Qualitative Research Design, Analysis and Systematic Reviews, and Critical Appraisal Techniques.

Medstrom hopes this added value will shape the way people think when procuring products and ensure all solutions have an extensive suite of evidence where possible.