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Easytrack FS Gantry and Voyager Portable Hoist

The Easytrack FS is a lightweight, free-standing portable gantry.  It couples with the Voyager portable hoist to support safe lifting and transfers of plus-size patients weighing up to 200kg (31 stone).

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Key Features

Assembled quickly and easily by Medstrom’s team of experienced and highly qualified technicians.

The Easytrack FS gantry components securely lock into place. Clear visual indicators show locked/unlocked positions, maximising safety.

The unique quick release strap on the Voyager portable hoist allows instant repositioning and safe attachment to the gantry.

A corded handset and controls on the front of the Voyager unit allow easy and ergonomic lifts and transfers.

Technical Specifications
Easytrack FS gantry: Safe working load: 200kg (31st)
Easytrack FS gantry: Overall height range: 183cm - 241cm
Easytrack FS gantry: Overall width: 221cm - 323cm
Easytrack FS gantry: Internal width: 191cm - 293cm
Easytrack FS gantry: Rail weight: 14kg
Easytrack FS gantry: Post weight: 9.5kg
Easytrack FS gantry: Footplate weight: 5.5kg
Voyager portable hoist: Safe working load: 200kg (31st)
Voyager portable hoist: Overall weight: 5.5kg
Voyager portable hoist: Low battery alarm: Audible
Voyager portable hoist: Emergency lowering: Manual
Voyager portable hoist: Emergency stop: Battery eject button

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