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Calibre Mobile Hoist

The Oxford Calibre is an ergonomically designed mobile patient hoist for the safe lifting of plus-size patients. Sturdy and robust, with a safe working load of 385kg (60 stone), it is specifically designed to meet the unique demands of bariatric care.

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Key Features

The integral Class III weighing scale provides an accurate and convenient means to check the patient's weight whilst lifting.

An ergonomic oversized push handle with additional side handles allows for multi-person operation and aids manoeuvrability.

The large cradle has 6 individual attachment points to help distribute the patient's weight more evenly, for added comfort and support.

Twin wheel pivoted front castors aid manoeuvrability, particularly over uneven floor surfaces and room thresholds.

Technical Specifications
Safe working load: 385kg / 60st
Overall length: 162.5cm - 170cm
Overall height: 159cm - 225cm
Overall width (legs closed): 84.5cm
Overall width (legs open): 140cm
Ground clearance: 15cm
Castor diameter: 10cm

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