International Nurses Day: A Heartfelt Message

International Nurses Day is celebrated around the world on the 12th May, also marking the birth of Florence Nightingale. To celebrate the phenomenal role that Nurses and Midwives play in caring for patients, we spoke to some of Medstrom’s RGN Clinical Advisors about the nursing profession.

Nursing Expertise

Medstrom is proud to offer support from our team of Clinical Advisors and Clinical Managers; qualified Nurses who support our contracted Trusts & Health Boards to achieve their specific objectives and ensure positive patient outcomes. This nursing expertise directly informs all product innovation and clinically-evidenced solutions offered by Medstrom. Hear from Medstrom’s RGN Directors on International Nurses Day:

Rachel Apsey, Commercial Director, Registered Nurse and Midwife

“As a Director of Medstrom and a Nurse myself, I am very proud of the Nurses that form the heart of my team. They are all out there in the NHS, supporting their nursing colleagues with everyday challenges.

“As a company we have always been extremely passionate about making a difference to patients and patient outcomes, as well as working to improve the lives of nursing staff with good products and service. So, watching staff during this pandemic, I am now even more focused on the quality and support we can offer to the fantastic, dedicated, selfless and professional nursing colleagues that have held up the NHS for the last 12 months. You are an inspiration to us all!”


Deborah Newcombe, Clinical Director, Registered Nurse Specialising in ICU

“As Clinical Director, I am immensely proud of our clinical team and the efforts that they have all made to go above and beyond to support the NHS throughout the pandemic. We never forget that everything we do has a Nurse, carer and patient at the end of it. The NHS team have been under immense pressure to cope during this pandemic and balance this with their own lives and family life. It has been an honour to do everything we could, to think about how we can make a difference.

“Having close links with the NHS clinical teams we work with, as well as a management structure of Nurses and Midwives, allows us to maintain focus on clinical challenges and outcomes. I’m constantly humbled by what I see and hear from our NHS colleagues – your dedication to the work undertaken is outstanding.”

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