Stop the Pressure Day 2016

As an advocate of pressure ulcer prevention, Medstrom are proud to be supporting EPUAP to promote Stop the Pressure Day on Thursday 17th November 2016, a worldwide event that aims to raise awareness of pressure ulcers.

Over 700,000 people are likely to develop a pressure ulcer in the UK each year, often resulting in unnecessary pain and suffering. The total cost of treatment for pressure ulcers is regularly overlooked, with an estimation of £1.4-£2. billion annually, comprising 4% of total NHS expenditure1. To give some context to this, the cost of healing 10 pressure ulcers is equivalent to:

  • five knee replacements
  • six hip replacements
  • fitting nine pacemakers
  • five bypass operations2

Medstrom are committed to working with our customers to provide innovative support surfaces that have been clinically and scientifically evidenced to prevent pressure ulcers. We believe the first step in helping trusts to avoid pressure ulcers is to raise awareness, and Stop the Pressure Day is a perfect opportunity to help achieve this goal.

If you would like to get involved in Stop the Pressure Day, please visit Stop Pressure Ulcer Day where you will find a number of useful resources.

  1. Bennett G et al. The cost of pressure ulcers in the UK. Age and Aging, 2004. 33:230-2