Skin integrity in patients receiving ECMO

Patients receiving ECMO are at greater risk of skin damage due to poor perfusion coupled with haemodynamic instability, ischaemia caused by capillary occlusion, reperfusion injury, impaired lymphatic drainage, accumulation of metabolites and comorbid conditions.1

This makes them one of the patient groups most susceptible to skin damage. But what if there was a solution?

The Dolphin Therapy fluid immersion simulation system has been evidenced to be the most effective surface available for the treatment and prevention of skin damage in the most complex of patients and is being used in many ITUs across the UK, with outstanding clinical outcomes thanks to its unique ability to support compromised microcirculation:

  • 87% tissue perfusion maintained2
  • 60% of patients’ skin damage healed or improved when stepped up to Dolphin Therapy
  • 99% of patients placed on Dolphin Therapy for prevention did not acquire new skin damage

“Patient normally has red marks on all surfaces… no red marks since on Dolphin Therapy.” – Customer reference available on request

Discover why Dolphin Therapy is unique and how it differs from all dynamic mattresses, visit here.

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  2. Effectiveness of the Dolphin as a tool to improve tissue perfusion in points of compression. Division of Plastic Surgery, UC San Diego and VA La Jolla Medical Center, San Diego, California.