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Accurate and reliable RFID asset tracking solutions for a variety of hospital equipment and devices

Medstrom is pleased to introduce an affordable and scalable RFID asset tracking service, in partnership with RFiD Discovery, that enables users to improve the management of healthcare assets.

The loss and underutilisation of mobile assets costs the healthcare sector millions of pounds each year, with an estimated 6,000 nursing hours wasted each month searching for medical equipment.1 By using smart asset tracking technologies, such as Medstrom ezy-Find, the speed and accuracy of data capture can be improved, enhancing patient safety.

Used at numerous NHS Trusts and other healthcare organisations, the technology is ideal for tracking any asset, including medical devices, beds and mattresses, to name but a few.

Equally, this is GS1 approved and helps to develop a safer patient environment and compliance with the department of health, CQC, MHRA and Scan4Safety initiatives.

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Medstrom ezy-Find Asset Tracking in partnership with RFiD Discovery


Did you know, just 5 minutes saved per shift could save the NHS £280 million a year, according to the UK government? 2

Medstrom ezy-Find Active Passive Asset Tracking Tags

Active & Passive Asset Tracking

Medstrom ezy-Find is able to deliver asset tracking via two different methods – Active RFID and Passive RFID technologies.

Active tracking is made simple and cost effective by using the 5-5-5 principle:

  • Up to 5 years of battery life
  • 5 minute reporting intervals
  • 5 metre accuracy reduces asset search time

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Asset tracking dashboard - product location map

Bespoke Dashboard & Reporting

RFID asset tracking can provide you with insights and reports tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Working closely with customers, Medstrom is able to create a customisable dashboard so you can easily view an asset’s location, usage status and condition, as well as establish notifications or warnings for specific instances.

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Key Benefits


Medstrom ezy-Find offers asset tracking accurate to within 2-5 metres, regardless of the number of assets tagged within that location


Improved asset utilisation reduces the need to purchase new devices, whilst time is dramatically saved looking for equipment


With wireless connectivity and non-intrusive infrastructure, installation and setup is easy across multiple sites, helping to future-proof
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The asset tracking solution delivers nursing efficiencies and improved patient safety, whilst annual audits and preventative maintenance are rapid and simple to complete

Real-time data

Using innovative technology, information is relayed immediately to your bespoke dashboard, enhancing visibility and internal processes
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For over 14 years, this has been a solution trusted by healthcare organisations globally via RFiD Discovery. Including procurement, clinical engineering and nursing teams within the NHS

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