TurnCair 1000 bariatric dynamic surface with assisted turn

The TurnCair 1000 low air loss bariatric mattress replacement system with turn assist enables safe handling and provides skin management therapies for patients weighing up to 454kg (71st). The turn assist feature facilitates easy manual handling by caregivers for personal care and positional changes, easy changes of linens, inserting slide sheets and positional changes that can be carried out with one nurse.


Key Features

  • Simple, intuitive control unit offering therapy, turn and autofirm modes

  • The turn assist feature provides a range of turn time and angle settings to help caregivers turn a patient from side to side with no manual intervention

  • Side bolsters support the patient during the turn

  • Three anatomical zones ensure even weight distribution for all body areas

Technical Specification
Mattress dimensions 122cm (48") W x 203cm (80") L x 25cm (10") H
Maximum patient weight 455kg/72st
Mattress weight 13.6kg/30lbs
Controller weight 6kg/14lbs
Controller dimensions 30cm (12") W x 27cm (10.5") H x 15cm (5.75") D
Modes Autofirm, turn and static
Turn angles 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and full
Turn time options 10, 20, 30 and 60 minutes
Turn options Left, right, both or none
Indications Suitable for both the treatment of existing Category/Stage I-IV pressure ulcers as well as for patients who have been assessed to be at risk from the complications of immobility
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