Multicare and Dolphin Therapy

The combination of the Multicare specialist bed and Dolphin Therapy surface offers proactive protection for your most complex patients.

The Multicare bed

The Multicare has features that help support early mobility and can be used to treat or prevent pulmonary or other complications associated with immobility. It offers a number of additional features to promote patient safety and to enable simplified ‘hands-off’ nursing care, including built in X-ray and weighing facilities, auto-braking and a bed exit alarm.

The Dolphin Therapy surface

Dolphin Therapy is being used extensively for the prevention of pressure ulcers in many complex patients across the UK, with outstanding clinical outcomes thanks to its unique ability to support compromised microcirculation.

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  • Automatic Lateral Therapy

    Automatic lateral therapy prevents respiratory complications such as VAP. Unlike cushion-based rotational systems that concentrate mobility solely on the patient’s chest, Multicare mobilises the whole body laterally.

  • Lateral X-ray Cassette

    The lateral X-ray cassette holder enables safe imaging of the chest without needing to reposition the patient on the bed.

  • Early mobilisation

    Unique positioning features such as the patented Mobi-Lift help to promote early mobilisation.

  • Advanced Weighing System

    Class III Weighing System integrated into the Multicare bed is very simple to use and is capable of indicating the exact weight of the patient in most bed positions.

Multicare Technical Specification
Overall dimensions 215cm (L) x 105cm (W)
Mattress platform extension +22cm
Height adjustment 44cm-82cm
Maximum backrest angle 70 degrees
Maximum thigh rest angle 35 degrees
Lateral tilt +30 degrees/-30 degrees
Trend/reverse Trend +13 degrees/-16 degrees
Weight of bed 225kg
Safe working load 250kg (39st)
Maximum patient weight 185kg (29st)
Multicare and Dolphin Brochure
Multicare and Dolphin Stroke Patients Leaflet
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