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Eleganza 5 Bed and Dolphin Therapy

A unique combination of full platform lateral tilt with unrivalled immersion. This helps improve outcomes, enhance patient care, and increase caregiver efficiency, both inside and outside intensive care.

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The Eleganza 5 and Dolphin Therapy combination provides a comprehensive solution for dealing with complications of immobility, pressure area care and repositioning challenges in complex patients.

While some patients with multiple comorbidities will be in critical care and other specialist areas, many will be cared for on general wards. This product combination can offer very significant benefits to patients with complex needs, and their caregivers, regardless of location.

Indications for use:

  • When repositioning and off-loading is challenging
  • Patients with complex needs at risk from complications of immobility
  • Patients who require a ‘step up’ from a dynamic air mattress, for prevention and/or treatment of skin damage
  • Immobile/sedated patients at risk of respiratory complications
  • Requirement for accurate weight monitoring in bed bound patients
  • Mobilisation of recovering patients
Key Features

Platform based full body lateral tilt to 15 degrees facilitates 'hands off' repositioning and off-loading, aids respiratory management and assists with patient mobilisation.

The cardiac chair position assists with breathing, prepares patients for mobilisation and gives a psychological boost to patients confined to bed.

The intuitive integrated Class III weighing scale measures the precise weight of the patient in most bed positions.

The bed exit alarm can be set to monitor movement or egress from the bed, reducing falls and injury risks.

Technical Specifications
Eleganza 5 Bed: Minimum height: 43.5cm
Eleganza 5 Bed: Maximum height: 81.5cm
Eleganza 5 Bed: Safe working load: 250kg (39st)
Eleganza 5 Bed: Max patient weight: 185kg (29st)
Eleganza 5 Bed: Bed weight: 210kg – 248kg
Eleganza 5 Bed: Total length and width: 219cm x 100cm
Eleganza 5 Bed: Dimensions of sleep deck: 208cm x 90cm
Eleganza 5 Bed: Bed length extension: 22cm
Eleganza 5 Bed: Back rest angle: 65°
Eleganza 5 Bed: Knee angle: 30°
Eleganza 5 Bed: Calf angle: 30°
Eleganza 5 Bed: Trend/reverse Trend angle: + 14° / - 14°
Eleganza 5 Bed: Castors: Four twin-wheel, 15cm multidirectional castors, with central brake & steer
Eleganza 5 Bed: CPR: Electric and bi-lateral manual
Eleganza 5 Bed: Side rails: Split design with integrated bed controls
Eleganza 5 Bed: Warranty: 24 months from purchase date
Dolphin Therapy: Min patient weight: No minimum weight
Dolphin Therapy: Max patient weight: 248 kg (39st)
Dolphin Therapy: Total length and width: 208cm x 89cm
Dolphin Therapy: Depth: 25cm
Dolphin Therapy: Mattress weight: 10kg
Dolphin Therapy: Control unit dimensions: 29.2cm (W) x 31.8cm (H) x 15.2cm (D)
Dolphin Therapy: Control unit weight: 4.5kg
Dolphin Therapy: Battery backup: 12 hours

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