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Medstrom SoloMH

Understanding the risks involved in safeguarding both clients and caregivers, the SoloMH is an innovative four-section, electric profiling bed frame that has several adaptations to optimise safety and provide enhanced protection.

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Today’s unprecendented challenges in the provision of mental health services have come about due to a ‘perfect storm’ of trends and extremely difficult-to-manage associated problems.

Put simply, there are currently not enough hospital beds to cater for the growing number of people with multiple complex mental and physical health problems.

Up to now, there has been limited choice available to address the challenges associated with managing clients with combined physical and psychological conditions. However, the SoloMH is the ideal solution that has been carefully designed to cater for difficult environments and ensures protection is achieved without compromising clinical outcomes.

Key Features
Mental health bed function remote

Equipped with a wireless handset as standard to eliminate the risks posed by a cabled handset. Using a Bluetooth connection, it allows caregivers to operate the client’s bed frame remotely as and when required

Battery icon

Provides 4x greater battery-backup than standard med/surg beds. This means a power cable is only needed when the bed needs charging; mitigating ligature risk.

Mental health bed panels

Numerous components on the SoloMH have been created using shatterproof and durable polycarbonate, all of which can be fixed in place. This lightweight material is designed with safety in mind.

Mental health bed frames

Designed with blow-moulded plastic, similar to that used on car bumpers, this model provides the toughest reinforcement and ensures it’s near-impossible to damage.

Technical Specifications
Minimum height: 19cm (7 ½”)
Maximum height: 81cm (32”)
Safe working load: 258kg (41st)
Max patient weight: 193kg (30st)
Overall bed dimensions: 226cm x 105cm
Sleep deck dimensions: 204cm x 96cm
Back rest angle: 70°
Thigh section angle: 30°
Calf section angle: 20°
Trend/reverse Trend angle: +/- 14°
Side rails: Fixed, solid side panels or 3-part split side rails
Warranty: 5 years on electrical components, 10 years on all other parts including frame (with Medstrom service plan)

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