In the Spotlight: Medstrom’s Physiotherapy Team – Meet Jeremy

Medstrom is proud to have a growing team of Clinical Advisors with a diverse multidisciplinary background, including physiotherapy team member Jeremy. In his current position, Jeremy possesses several skills that add true value to the accounts he works within for Medstrom. The ability to enter sudden high-intensity situations and positively impact (perhaps even solve) them with the unique and distinctive knowledge physiotherapy offers has led to some profound experiences – staff have asked him who they can speak/write to at Medstrom to testify how helpful Jeremy and his role have been to them. 

Jeremy profile picture
Our wonderful Clinical Advisor, Jeremy!

Physiotherapists are problem solvers

The presence of a physiotherapist as a part of a wider team in a Trust provides a fresh and comprehensive level of support for patients – the unique nature of a physiotherapist’s expertise makes Jeremy and the rest of the Medstrom physiotherapy team a “point of contact” for other ward staff, as they look to the physiotherapists to “solve problems” that crop up in a patient’s recovery that require a nuanced and detailed understanding of the patient’s mobility and appropriate product selection.

Jeremy has plenty of stories demonstrating how the combination of his physiotherapist training and product knowledge has aided a patient in a way that speaks to his unique position and set of expertise; one such instance involved a young plus-sized patient at Kings College Hospital who was semi-mobile and incorrectly placed on a TurnCair 1000 mattress.

Jeremy intervened, and educated staff about the different levels of mattress specifications Medstrom have available and how mobility must be reviewed before selecting a piece of equipment. Due to the patient’s level of mobility, TurnCair 1000 was not required, and therefore Jeremy helped staff to ‘step down’ the patient to a lower specification of support surface. As a result, this ensured the patient’s mobility was not hindered, and a high specification mattress was not inappropriately utilised.

He identifies that his multi-disciplinary background gives him a distinctive advantage out in the field, in the wards and amongst the ward staff.

“I’m thankful for my background because…I can understand when staff are busy on wards, they just want someone to help them with the bed rather than try to pull them for something.” 

Present every step of the way

The expert understanding physiotherapy brings to the discussions surrounding patient mobility remain perpetually relevant, regardless of what point the patient is at in their recovery timeline.

Jeremy and his fellow physiotherapist colleagues at Medstrom are available to advise and assist throughout a patient’s time in hospital; from their most critical state when managing patient immobility may be their main focus, to the later stages when a patient may be working towards the transition back home. At this point, the physiotherapists are contributing their product knowledge to conversations about the transition of care to a patient’s personal furniture.

The presence of clinically trained physiotherapists across these moments facilitates a synergy that can subsequently overcome the challenges that long-term/complex patients present.

Jeremy with bed
Jeremy checking on equipment before it’s put onto a ward
Prepared for the future

Alongside the strong presence of clinical expertise across the company, Jeremy notes a deep admiration for Medstrom’s enthusiasm for the recruitment of young people from new disciplines such as physiotherapy into roles.

“If you want to see something different, innovative, get fresh ideas, you’ve got to bring young people on board, and it’s nice to see that Medstrom do that.”

The inclusion of physiotherapy into the clinical advisory team at Medstrom immerses patients into deeper degrees of assistance and care, ensuring no element of their recovery goes unattended as the multidisciplinary teamwork towards the same goal of improving a patient’s final quality of life. 

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