Nurses’ Day Charity Partnership Promotes Mental Health & Well-being

Among the many themes celebrating International Nurses’ Day in 2023, the Royal College of Nursing has a simple focus – sharing the difference that nurses make on a daily basis.1 Medstrom is fortunate to witness this first-hand and the incredible work that these healthcare professionals do, going above and beyond to deliver improved patient outcomes.

That’s why Medstrom is proud to be partnering with Nurse Lifeline in 2023. A UK charity focused on improving the mental health, resilience and emotional well-being of nurses and midwives. For Nurses’ Day, we caught up with former Nurse and the charity’s Chair, Teresa Griffiths, as well as Medstrom’s Joint CEO and RGN, Rachel Apsey, to explore the invaluable support Nurse Lifeline provide.

Overcoming the Pandemic’s Legacy

Just over three years on from the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the nursing landscape has changed dramatically. However, throughout one of the most turbulent times in our collective history, there was a constant – the unwavering dedication shown by nursing staff. However, the toll of this phenomenal effort hasn’t gone unnoticed, with studies showing an increase in concerns around mental health symptoms as nursing staff have been left “forever altered” by their experiences.2

“As nurses and midwives, we understand the difficulties at the moment,” noted Teresa, Chair for Nurse Lifeline. “ For many, we know it is exhausting, isolating and whilst we cannot reduce these pressures, Nurse Lifeline do understand what you are going through”.


The charity was initially setup in 2019 by a group of inspirational junior frontline nurses and midwives who recognised a critical gap in their emotional support. Since then, the organisation has grown to nearly 40 active volunteers, each one a registered or retired nurse/midwife themselves, who provide a confidential, free and peer-led listening service.

“We’re not only here for nurses or midwives either,” added Teresa. “Nurse associates, healthcare assistants, care staff, students, and their friends and families are all able to use our services. However big or small the issue, the charity founders wanted to provide a safe and non-judgmental space for the nursing community to turn to when needed.”


A Partnership Built on Shared Foundations

Nurse Lifeline’s impact resonated particularly with Medstrom’s Joint CEO and RGN, Rachel Apsey, who recalled the first time she became aware of the charity.

“I remember seeing Teresa present at the Nursing Times Awards back in 2022 and it struck such a chord! Many of the Medstrom team, including myself, have a nursing background, plus we employ a dedicated team of RGN Clinical Advisors who are out on the frontline supporting busy clinicians every day.

“We were hearing the exact same stories being reported back, so establishing a partnership with Nurse Lifeline was one of the easiest decisions we’ve made.”

Earlier this year, Medstrom made a donation towards helping grow the charity’s incredible reach and initiatives. Teresa explained,

“The very generous donation by Medstrom will allow Nurse Lifeline to continue improving the emotional well-being of nurses and midwives across the UK. Through the provision of ongoing support via both our peer-led listening service and other resources.

“Nurse Lifeline is one of many tools in an individual’s emotional well-being toolbox. However, only through working together and building partnerships can we affect any real impact in changing the culture of how the nursing community looks after their emotional well-being and mental health. Partnerships with organisations like Medstrom enhance our growth in becoming a known, trusted and effective source of support.”


A Simple Message for Nurses’ Day

Nurse Lifeline has a bold and ambitious vision for its future, something which Medstrom is keen to help accelerate.

“Firstly, we want every nurse and midwife in the UK to have our number and to use it when needed. Secondly, we want to help change the culture in how nurses and midwives look after their mental health and emotional wellbeing.

“Medstrom has been really helpful in sharing that message, including distributing and sharing our services through their various interactions with clinicians. Overall, we want to empower healthcare professionals to take control and normalise asking for help when needed and not waiting until being in crisis. Please don’t struggle alone, and we are here to listen… just pick up the phone.”


For more information about Nurse Lifeline or to find out how to get in contact, visit:

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