Plus size patients: Right patient, right product, right time.

Natalie, 09 Jul, 2019

‘Right patient, right product, right time’ is Medstrom’s mantra when it comes to selecting appropriate equipment for patients. Medstrom provide specialist products and an outstanding service to enable safe and dignified care to be provided for plus-size patients, whilst keeping caregivers safe and helping budgets to be more effectively managed.

Our clinical advisors work with caregivers to select the most appropriate product combination and will recommend changes to products as the patient’s needs and priorities change. This includes an appropriate use of the Bari 10A and MMO 8000.



Bari 10A

The Bari 10A is a four-section electric profiling bariatric bed with the ability to extend or reduce the platform base between 0.91m and 1.22m. This allows the plus-size patent to be nursed on the widest possible bed platform, giving sufficient space for safe repositioning but also allows the bed to be reduced to the width of a standard bed for easier transport.   In addition, as each section of the sleep deck can be individually width reduced, this allows caregivers to ‘step into’ the bed base, thereby reducing the amount of overreaching when providing nursing care and interventions.

The Bari 10A is promoted when patients need the majority of their care in bed or they are ventilated and sedated. Once an acute episode has passed and mobilisation becomes the focus, our team will look to ensure that the MMO 8000 ultra-low bariaric bed is the bed frame of choice to assist the care team to mobilise the patient safely and easily.

MMO 8000

The MMO 8000 is able to facilitate safe mobilisation by means of the programmable height feature, which pauses the bed at a set height. This height could be set at the height of the patient’s bed at home or the height the therapy team feel the patient needs to use to safely mobilise out of bed. The bed achieves a low height of just 21cm, which enables the vast majority of patients to sit at the edge of the bed with their feet firmly on the floor to allow the therapy team to assess them prior to attempting mobilisation.

The provision of a spectrum of equipment to meet needs throughout a patients journey is a key priority for Medstrom.

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