Medical Device Related Pressure Ulcers

Natalie Harrison, 20 Jun, 2019

The NHS Improvement Revised Definition of Pressure Ulcers recommends that medical device-related (MDR) skin damage must now be recorded.

What is a medical device related (MDR) pressure ulcer?

MDR pressure ulcers form as a result of pressure exerted by medical devices applied for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. The pressure ulcer generally closely conforms to the shape of the device.

Common devices that may cause damage are respiratory and orthopaedic devices, foley catheters, faecal containment devices, surgical drains, central venous and dialysis catheters, intraaortic balloon pumps, intermittent pneumatic compression device sleeves and graduated compression stockings.

Due to its unique immersive ability, Dolphin Therapy is the only surface that allows medical devices to ‘immerse’ into the surface, significantly reducing contact pressures, preventing medical device-related skin damage.

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