Medstrom Celebrates EOT (Employee Ownership Trust) Announcement

We have always emphasised the importance of our ‘Medstrom Family’, understanding the input and value our incredible employees offer one another, as well as our customers and the patients they support. This is why Medstrom is pleased to announce, via an EOT, it is providing its employees with the tools to shape and share in the company’s future successes.

EOT - People Hands In - Employees - Medstrom Family

As of the 14th September, the shareholders of the company have entered into an agreement to sell the entire share capital to an Employee Ownership Trust (also known as an EOT). This is a Trust which acquires and holds a controlling interest in a company for the benefit of its employees, giving the effect of employee ownership without directly owning or buying shares.

This is an incredible step for the company, who has grown significantly since being founded in 2010. Medstrom has developed an exceptional reputation with its customers and more recently, has become the only UK-owned manufacturer of acute care beds in the UK.

The decision to create this exciting new structure was driven by the desire to sustain the company’s independence and recognition of the fact that Medstrom was built upon the hard work and commitment of its employees and is unlike any other company in the industry.

David Belli, CEO, said:

“Medstrom is securing the future of the business, including its ethos, values and focus on sustainability, whilst maintaining our unique culture.”


Scott Apsey, Medstrom Managing Director and CIO, added:

“It gives us all great pleasure to give something back to our very committed colleagues, as they often go above and beyond their duty to ensure our customers and patients are well looked after’.


Rachel Apsey, Medstrom Commercial Director, summarised:

“The new ownership structure shall continue to provide stability, continuity, depth of management knowledge and quick decision making for all of our customers for the long term. It is therefore business as usual, continuing to do what we do well – focusing on our customers.”


Interested in becoming a part of the growing ‘Medstrom Family’? Take a look at some of our unique range of job roles and find your me in Medstrom.