Apprenticeship in Medstrom: Meet Our ‘Magnificent 7’

As we celebrate National Apprenticeship Week this week, we sat down with our ‘Magnificent Seven’ apprentices and asked them to describe the experience of an apprenticeship at Medstrom. Continue reading to find out what they said about the process, their favourite moments, and what advice they’d give to people considering the same options!

National Apprenticeship Week - Medstrom Magnificent 7 Apprentices

Q1: Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship with Medstrom?

Jack: I researched Medstrom, by looking at the website and Facebook and it looked with a strong growing company, with lots of opportunities. 

Harley: I wanted something new – different from regular education – where I could learn something whilst also being able to do hands on work. I loved doing the work I had done previously at Medstrom and having that kind of routine really suited me.  

Lewis: I saw it pop up and thought it was an opportunity I could really dive into – I’d never done this kind of work before, and I’m always looking for something new and exciting. When I visited the site I realised I was asking so many questions and was so engaged by what I was seeing. When I found out I’d been accepted I was so happy! 

Q2: What advantages/benefits did the apprenticeship offer you compared to other options?

Lucy: Real life experience and learning from the professionals in the business. 

Lewis: It’s offered me opportunities to see other sides of our business which is pretty rare – a lot of other engineering and manufacturing companies keep you sheltered in just one spot. I’ve been out with so many different departments in Medstrom – the variety is really special.

Josh: You experience a constant sense of progression – you’re either learning or doing, so you always feel like you’re either getting practically better or becoming more knowledgeable.

Q3: How has the apprenticeship helped you in your job role?

Abby: It all interlinks with each other. I learn at work, but then more in depth at college. You learn how your role affects the wider business.

Liam: I’ve learned so much, especially regarding testing, safety, and getting the grasp of using a wide range of tools. There’s so much practical application, as well as the theoretical information you receive at college.

Josh: You learn about what you do – everything you hear about and design at college you end up being able to implement and follow through with when it comes to coming into work the rest of the week. The background to everything means you understand very quickly why certain decisions are made.

Lewis in factory
Lewis in the field when he first started!

Q4: What do you enjoy most about your job at Medstrom?

Lucy: I like how supportive everyone is, not a corporate environment. Help and support each other. The marketing team let me try new things if I want to. 

Harley: It’s the people I get to work with. Whether it’s the team I’m with or the places I go, it’s the people I meet that keep it so enjoyable. I have a good relationship with management, and all my colleagues that I encounter are quite close knit.  

Josh: Being able to say ‘I did that’. The job satisfaction I get from my role is so strong – being able to see something from inception to completion – receiving a brief and having something tangible to show for your knowledge and your efforts. Medstrom are super unique in that very early on I was given so much trust and freedom; the ease of communication between everyone helps make that possible.  

Q5: What has been your best moment during your apprenticeship?

Lucy: The sales meeting and secret Santa, it let me put faces to names I have heard. 

Lewis: When we made the 10,000th bed. We took a big group photo and everyone was so excited and proud.

Liam: I just completed my Level 2 qualification, and I’m doing my Level 3 now, and a great moment was my supervisor telling me that he fully supports me continuing onwards and that he believes in me.

Q6: What are your career plans for the future?

Abby: Once I’ve done my level 4, I could do CIMA or ACCA (levels 5 to 7).  Before I decide on those I just want to get more experience here. 

Harley: I want to gain some experience in management and team leadership. I think it’d be a great role for me because I know what I want now and I know how things should be done. There are so many qualifications available to me here, and it’s something I’d love to carry on with because it’s the opportunity of a lifetime to be supported that far in your career by the same company.  

Josh: I’ve got my eye on some higher level qualifications, but for now I’m happy with my full time job now as a design engineer. I want to finish my apprenticeship and continue doing my work.

Abby at work
Abby with her colleagues in the office!

Q7: What would your advice be to someone thinking of doing an apprenticeship with Medstrom?

Jack: Definitely do it! Everyone is really supportive and anyone will help you with problems, you can go to anyone. 

Lewis: Go for it. You’re going to have good people around you, you’ll have constant support, and you can experience work alongside learning and mentorship. In a company that’s constantly growing, it feels like there’s so much potential for you.  

Josh: Just do it! There’s very little downside. You get paid, you learn, you get experience, you meet people in an industry that is never going to go away. If you’re someone who has never truly thrived in the traditional classroom environment but you still want to learn and advance your education, I would recommend considering an apprenticeship. 

If you’re considering an apprenticeship at Medstrom, check out our careers page here for more info on how to join the team!