Litigation costs for hospital-acquired pressure ulcers soar

There is evidence that pressure ulcer litigation could soon become a significant threat to healthcare providers in the UK.1

Figures obtained from NHS Resolution show that litigation claims in England for hospital-acquired pressure ulcers have soared by 53% since 2015 to nearly £21m in 2017/18. The number of claims has risen by 600% in the last 10 years, no doubt in part a reflection of more widespread consumer awareness and the fact that solicitors who are encouraging litigation claims are now a very common advertiser in consumer magazines aimed at the older population.2

As the patient population ages and becomes even more complex, it is likely this cost will continue to increase unless a step change in pressure ulcer prevention and treatment occurs.

The Dolphin Therapy fluid immersion simulation system is evidenced to be the most effective surface available for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.

Based on the detailed clinical outcomes of 1,000 highly complex patients with multiple comorbitites, Dolphin was found to prevent pressure ulcer development in 99% of patients with intact skin. 91% of these patients were classified at very high or high risk of pressure ulcer development.

In patients with existing pressure ulcers, Dolphin Therapy was evidenced to heal or improve them in 55% of patients. For those patients who were previously on a dynamic mattress and ‘stepped-up’ to Dolphin Therapy, 60% went on to improve or heal their existing pressure ulcers.

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