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An ITU environment can exhibit many stress factors. The increasing demand for critical care has exacerbated many challenges you face on a daily basis, and whilst keeping patients alive will always be the priority, staff well-being and nursing efficiency must also be well managed.

At Medstrom, we're proud to offer a range of solutions that cater for improved patient outcomes, whilst making your role as a caregiver easier and safer.

Medstrom Clinical Advisor Communication Foam Mattress Audit

Looking after you

Medstrom and its team of RGN Clinical Advisors can support you with appropriate equipment selection that caters for your individual challenges. Our critical care solutions aim to prevent the complications of immobility, reduce length of stay and avoid further complications, all of which aim to limit the stress factors seen in a busy ITU department. Specifically for the caregiver, our equipment can help:

  • Provide ‘hands-free’ nursing
  • Increase nursing efficiency
  • Reduce manual handling
  • Save time and reduce the amount of repositioning needed

Our Solutions


Eleganza 5


Dolphin Therapy

MMO 6000 and Aria 6000

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The Eleganza 5 reduced the amount of time it was taking to turn a patient. It saved staff around 5 to 10 minutes every time they needed to undertake a roll or turn. If someone needed four turns a day, that could be 40 minutes. If you had three patients, the Eleganza 5 could save up to 2 hours of nursing time per day

Claire O’Keefe, Ward Manager

Just the fact that any patient that goes on to Dolphin Therapy does improve or we are able to stop any pressure ulcers developing

Martin Quinton, Critical Care Practitioner