In the Spotlight: Medstrom’s Physiotherapy Team

Medstrom remain one of the few industry partners to truly invest in clinicians, and have now taken this to the next level by broadening the number of clinical disciplines and expertise available as resources for valued customers. The multi-disciplinary team now ranges from: critical care, tissue viability, palliative care, infection control, district nursing and most recently, physiotherapists.

The unique and refined skillset physiotherapists bring allow for a vastly improved level of support for patients and customers. The team of 3 physiotherapists provide specific knowledge on a patient’s mobilisation, recovery, and their transition from hospital to home.

Additionally, their knowledge is being utilised by the entire clinical and sales team, to truly understand products that Medstrom supply from a physiotherapy perspective. This expert knowledge involves understanding early and safe mobilisation, falls prevention and general patient recovery. This also includes appropriate ‘step up’ and ‘step down’ of equipment.

A physiotherapist’s main goal is to grant a further level of support for both ward staff and patients alike, and a key area where this is relevant is the discussion surrounding ‘stepping up’ and ‘stepping down’ of products, ensuring the right patient is on the right product at the right time.

The focus of ‘step up’ and ‘step down’ is to fundamentally ensure Medstrom’s ethos of ‘right patient, right product, right time’ is fulfilled via the optimal usage of equipment, dependent on where a patient is in their clinical journey.

This is where the physiotherapist’s particularly advanced understanding of human mobility and how to advance a patient’s physical recovery safely is most valuable, as Medstrom’s physiotherapist team provide guidance to fellow clinicians on the potential for a patient to be transferred onto different Medstrom equipment that offers different levels and areas of focus and support.

The unique presence of physiotherapists in Medstrom’s multi-disciplinary team allows for a qualitative understanding of a patient’s progress and journey to recovery, making their input to the conversations surrounding the progression or regression of equipment so valuable. 

Correct execution of this will help to drive correct selection of equipment both initially and throughout the patient’s recovery, ultimately helping to encourage and facilitate patient independence, reduce their length of stay and decrease cost for the customer by controlling usage.

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