Find your ‘Me’ in Medstrom – Meet Gurdial

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As a Quality and Regulatory Manager, Gurdial’s role remains mostly behind the scenes, moulding the company in order to keep up with the ever-changing regulations and requirements of a medical devices manufacturer. New standards emerge, new products are developed and fresh compliances are presented that must be met. For Gurdial this is a key feature he enjoys about his unique role; “it’s that ever-changing goal post and landscape which makes the job very interesting.”

Gurdial profile picture
Our lovely Quality and Regulatory Manager, Gurdial!

Getting to know the business

The rapid growth of Medstrom has meant adjustment with and accommodation of new regulations,  bringing with it the large-scale training and updating necessary for company-wide implementation. For Gurdial, this again offers the opportunity to enjoy another pleasant aspect of his work.

“The nice thing about this role is you get to see everybody and learn about everything.”

Because of the nature of quality management and assurance, Gurdial’s role crosses over into every single department in the company.

“Being an auditor, one of the nicest things is within the space of a day or two, you can literally walk through the whole business and understand every single process.”

He expresses how much he relishes being able to learn about the company holistically, avoiding the occasional pigeon-holing that can come from roles in companies that span so many areas.

“I thoroughly enjoy to hear what people do and how they do it and what is involved in their job. And I don’t think I would have got that opportunity in any other role at previous companies.”

Changing people’s lives

The side of Medstrom that Gurdial handles is implicitly hidden – the practices and processes that bring a product to market – and he states that there’s a huge amount of satisfaction derived from knowing that the product has been tested fully.

“When a product is finally released, ready for patient use, all the end user sees is a bed, for example. But we know in the background the amount of work we’ve done to make it the safest bed possible for that patient. It’s rewarding.”

Paradoxically, he explains that finding a fault in the testing stages is actually a major positive, as it ensures it’s a problem that will never happen when the product is out on the field.

“By the time you’ve done your job, you know that the product you’re putting out on the market is the best you can possibly get it, and it’s going out there to help patients. That’s what I enjoy about the job…you’re actually changing people’s lives.”

Helping is a highlight

When asked of any notable highlights from his short time at Medstrom, Gurdial discusses working on the mental health variant of the Solo bed. The redesigns were rigorous, but “honestly, it’s been such an uplifting project to be a part of.” The bed is a meaningful project due to the fact that patients who are on these beds have never had a piece of equipment like this that is so closely tailored to them.

“For them to be able to have a bed that can help them and aid their recoveries – it’s been a very nice project to be a part of.”

Everything Gurdial discusses comes back to his drive to make a difference – this level is something he has worked towards for 13 years – and he describes Medstrom as “dynamic” and “forward thinking”. He is proud of Medstrom’s industry manner – the care and respect shown both internally and externally.

“What I like about Medstrom is how forward thinking the leadership is here – not only are you given responsibilities, you’re handed the authority to make decisions. That’s something I find refreshing here. It’s a fantastic company to work for.”

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