Find your ‘Me’ in Medstrom – Meet Brian

Brian is one of the longest serving employees at Medstrom, having followed the founders over from the previous company they all worked for back in 2010. He is a firm and (arguably) favourite member of the Medstrom family, so much so he has earnt a universal nickname amongst his colleagues – Geezer. As a Service Technician since 1988, Brian fell into the job from an agency, unintimidated and intrigued by the hospital environment. His relentless hard work has carried him across many hospitals over the span of his career, and when asked about what his favourite part of his current role at Medstrom is, he answers simply and joyfully: “everything!”
Geezer smiling at work
Geezer smiling on the job!

Patients and family

He spends the majority of his time fixing and repairing the equipment on wards that occasionally suffers a fault or is accidentally damaged. The repairing aspect of the Service Tech role he describes as one of the most enjoyable parts – the sensation of positively impacting a patient, and walking away from a situation knowing you have played a key role in solving a problem.

He discusses with a casual air how he’ll often perform tasks beyond his station, motivated purely by the desire to help a patient or the ward staff that he has grown close and connected to. This warmth and relentless compassion is what has made him such an integral figure, not just amongst his fellow Medstrom employees, but the various ward staff he interacts with on a daily basis.

He identifies enthusiasm and propensity for collaboration as a unique feature of Medstrom’s culture – “it’s like a family” – and one of the main things that has kept him engaged for the entire 13 years of the company’s life.

“You have to go the extra mile.”

Geezer’s unique tales

Brian’s presence in the workplace cannot be overstated – he tells stories of consultants who have observed his tenacity across multiple Trusts and have promised him recommendation letters if he’s to ever leave, members of ward staff who have begged him not to leave when he’s moved between Trusts, buying and receiving gifts amongst nurses when he’s executed a particularly big job on a ward.

Geezer transporting equipment
Geezer on shift, transporting used equipment

One story in particular sums up not only his career up perfectly, but also the ethos and dynamic of Medstrom; Brian had booked time off to go back to Jamaica where he has been building a house for himself for some time (he shares that it is actually nearly finished – an outdoor fence is all that remains to be put up), when he was contacted by a manager and asked if he was available to come and do an emergency job. Brian agreed (even though he didn’t need to), and after it was done, the manager personally refunded him the price of his ticket.

He tells this story fondly, smiling through the words, proud of the ethical practice of this company he calls a home and the way his dedication is acknowledged and thanked.

Turn back the clock

Despite the challenge of “the computer”, Brian isn’t sure when he’ll ever slow down at Medstrom. He talks lightly and nonchalantly about retirement, reluctant to consider finishing the work he enjoys so much. The rush, the buzz, the variety.

Geezer moving equipment through door
Geezer moving equipment through the hospital

When probed for a more acute answer as to the source of his enjoyment, it’s revealed to be the essence of helping others. He loves delivering mattresses to patients, making them comfortable, making them laugh, having them recognise him and ask after him. He loves helping the various ward staff, joking with them at the nurse’s station, snacking with them. He loves the way people open doors for him when he’s wheeling equipment through. Everyone helping each other, and wanting to help each other.

When asked if there’s anything else he’d like to add for his profile, Brian is quiet for a moment, thinking. He eventually breaks the silence with a characteristic chuckle. “Any chance you could write that I’m 25?”

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