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Dolphin Therapy

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Since 2012, thousands of patients in the UK and Ireland have benefitted from using the Dolphin Therapy fluid immersion simulation surface.

Some of their powerful stories are told here.

Dolphin Therapy mattress

Dolphin Therapy Case Studies

The Dolphin Therapy case studies on this page tell the powerful stories of patients who have used this unique support surface.

Dolphin Therapy simulates a fluid environment. This enables full immersion and envelopment,1,2,3 giving outstanding prevention and treatment of skin damage for highly complex patients.4

3,000+ Outstanding Dolphin Therapy Outcomes

The case studies have all been anonymised and grouped into the following themes:

  • Analgesia reduction
  • ‘Long lie’ falls
  • Dolphin Therapy with the Eleganza 5 bed

Dolphin Therapy Benefits

Tissue Symmetry Maintained

Vascular Occlusion Minimised

Tissue Ischaemia Prevented

Analgesia Reduction

A reduction in analgesia, particularly opioids, has a number of benefits. It can help people to get into a better sleep pattern, as they become less drowsy during the day. In turn, this can help to reduce the risk of falls. Additionally, it reduces other unpleasant and dangerous side effects such as constipation, nausea/vomiting and decreased respiratory drive.

The case studies below tell the stories of patients who were able to significantly reduce analgesia requirements after Dolphin Therapy placement.

Patient D

Patient M


3,000+ Outcomes: Pressure Area Care

Pressure Ulcer Risk Scores

89% of Dolphin Therapy patients had a risk score of high or very high.

Prevention Patients

98% of patients placed on Dolphin Therapy to prevent skin damage did not develop any.

Treatment Patients

Wounds healed or improved in 58% of patients placed on Dolphin Therapy for treatment.
Dolphin Therapy fluid immersion simulation surface

‘Long Lie’ Fall Patients

These case studies focus on patients who have been admitted to hospital following a ‘long lie’ fall. They were lying on the floor for between two and six days prior to being discovered and taken to hospital.

All had suffered significant skin damage as a result, and were placed on Dolphin Therapy for treatment.





More on ‘Long Lie’ Falls

3,000+ Outcomes: Pain, Comfort and Sleep

Pain reduced with Dolphin Therapy


Pain reduced in > 99% of patients.


Comfort improved in > 99% of patients.
Sleep improved with Dolphin Therapy


Sleep quality improved in > 99% of patients.
Dolphin Therapy and Eleganza 5 combined

Dolphin Therapy with the Eleganza 5 Bed

The Eleganza 5 bed and Dolphin Therapy surface uniquely combines full platform lateral tilt with fluid immersion simulation.

This can help to improve outcomes, enhance patient care, and
increase caregiver efficiency, both inside and outside ITU.

The case studies below show the benefits of this combination in use:






3,000+ Outcomes: More Findings

Turning Frequency

Turning frequency reduced in 98% of patients.

Adherence to Care

Adherence to care improved in 94% of patients.


Dolphin Therapy patients in this study had 3 to 16 comorbidities recorded.
  1. CT scans from St Joseph’s Hospital, Tampa, Florida.
  2. Worsley PR et al (2015). The effects of a fluid immersion mattresses; an evaluation of fluid immersion therapy for the prevention of pressure ulcers. 18th Annual Meeting of the European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel, 17th September 2015. Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southampton.
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  4. Medstrom (2023). The effectiveness of Dolphin Therapy fluid immersion simulation support surface. Outcomes for over 3,000 highly complex patients. Available at:

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