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Upgrade to the Aria PRO for the price of an Aria before the end of March 2024! In stock and available in the UK for immediate delivery.


Your free upgrade to Aria PRO gives you these PROs of air immersion as standard:

Deeper cell for increased immersion

Additional bespoke options for improved patient experience

Higher therapy for pressure ulcer prevention

Exclusive, Free Upgrade

Medstrom is offering an opportunity to purchase the Aria PRO mattress for the price of an Aria mattress. This one-time only, free upgrade can help to:

  • Improve outcomes
  • Assist caregivers
  • Enhance patient experience


The UK population is ageing, with 18% aged 65 or over.1 As a result, hospital patients are getting older and frailer, with more complex needs.2

What does this mean for pressure ulcer risks?

Both the incidence and prevalence of pressure ulcers increase with age, with over 60% occurring in the over 70’s.3 With this in mind, the higher specification Aria PRO mattress can help you better meet the needs of your more vulnerable patients.

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Medstrom Aria PRO Hospital Mattress - Dynamic Mattress for Pressure Redistribution

In stock and available in the UK for immediate delivery, this offer is incredibly limited. Please speak to your local Medstrom representative as soon as possible.

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