Apprentice Insider: Dylan, IT Support

Medstrom’s apprenticeship scheme spans several roles across the business, from Engineering to IT, offering young people an opportunity to learn and develop their skills. In the first of our “Apprentice Insider” series, we caught up with Dylan, IT Support Apprentice, to hear how he was settling into his role.

‘A passion for IT’

“I’ve always had a love for IT and projects associated with it. So when I heard about Medstrom’s apprenticeship scheme through the apprentice site, it looked really interesting and aligned with my interests in subject.”

“The industry has always appealed to me and by learning more I hope to continue my development in a subject I am so passionate about. I would say that I was lucky to be looking in the right places at the right time to land a learning opportunity such as this one.”

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Dylan’s role combines on-site learning along with professional development via College

As part of the apprenticeship scheme, Medstrom works closely with local colleges to offer professional accreditations associated with each apprentice’s area of interest. For Dylan, this includes logging tasks that he has completed or projects that showcase continued professional development. Dylan adds:

“I’m looking to gather more transferable and valuable skills to help both the company and me. I particularly enjoy successfully helping people and if its not successful, learning from it to make sure I can apply that to another issue.”

“So far, I’ve loved working for Medstrom! Everyone is very kind and welcoming and I’m glad to be in a company where I believe I can really progress and have room to grow and learn.”

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