A Clinical Evaluation to determine the impact of innovative hospital beds and surfaces on patient care and outcomes

In early 2016 Leicester Hospitals’ Clinical Contract Review Team visited Medstrom Healthcare in Castle Donington, Derbyshire to view a new range of ultra-low and assisted mobilisation beds. During the visit the team were introduced to the MMO 6000 low bed, which has the innovative feature of sitting the patient up, progressing them into a full cardiac chair position, then if required, gently and safely lowering them down so their feet are positioned on the floor. Using the height adjustment control, the patient can then be assisted to a standing position with minimal caregiver intervention. This was immediately identified of potential value in ITU as an alternative to hoisting.

The MMO 6000 had other features that were identified as being of interest to the team, including a custom height setting to promote safer mobilisation, a ‘safe stop’ backrest feature that ensures correct backrest angle positioning and a lengthening backrest that eliminates heel travel completely. Also, the fact that the bed lowered to a height much lower than a standard bed was also perceived to be advantageous for shorter patients when sitting at the side of the bed, enabling their feet to be placed safely on the floor.

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