StaminaLift bed mover

The StaminaLift TS5000 and TS6000 bed movers offer a power-assisted manual handling solution, designed to prevent work-related injury by reducing the effort required to move hospital beds. The intuitive design offers ease of use for effortless, one-person operation.

The bed movers have a range of accessories to make operation easier and more universal, including a ride-on platform for larger institutions with very long corridors and remote control operation to assist with moving through doors with a single operator.

Compatible with over 98% of beds, stretchers and portable equipment, including the Medstrom range of ultra-low beds.


Key Features

  • Able to turn 360° for use in tight spaces like lifts, narrow hospital corridors and even in single patient rooms

  • The fingertip controls require minimal muscle activation and an ergonomically correct operation eliminates the muscular strain that is associated with manual bed pushing injuries

  • Brake bypass system allows freewheeling for unexpected emergencies

  • Unrivalled compatibility with acute care beds and stretchers including the MMO range of beds

Technical Specification
Max load capacity TS5000: 300kg lift, 600kg push or pull

TS6000: 450kg lift, 900kg push or pul;
Max operating gradient
Weight TS5000: 160kg

TS6000: 200kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) TS5000: In Use: 780mm x 925mm x 1220mm
TS5000: Stored: 780mm x 935mm x 480mm

TS6000: In Use: 820mm x 900mm x 1225mm
TS6000: Stored: 850mm x 940mm x 480mm
Batteries Sealed maintenance free GEL batteries.
Recharge Nightly recharge recommended using supplied automatic charger
Warning device Horn on control unit
Security Electronic locking function available
Wheels Non-marking, suitable for indoor use on a variety of surfaces
Controls Programmable, ergonomic joystick for control of direction, speed and jaw movement
Motor Two variable drive DC electric motors
Servicing Every 6 months
Staminalift Bed Mover Brochure
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