Medi-Dock equipment transfer solution

Transferring patients within a hospital is a challenging task, particularly in an emergency, when the patient’s equipment needs to move with them quickly whilst still ensuring the safety of the patient.

The Medi-Dock provides a safe and efficient transport solution, removing the need to place equipment on the patient’s bed or for it to be carried by nursing staff. This means equipment is visible, organised and accessible.  The Medi-Dock simply and quickly ‘docks’ to the bed or cot, moving as one with bed.

The Medi-Dock is suitable for both conventional infusion bags as well as infusion pumps and other medical electrical equipment such as ventilators, monitors and suction units.


  • Provides fast, safe and efficient transportation of medical equipment.

  • Compatible with a wide range of medical equipment.

  • Able to dock to most beds and cots.

  • Robust, stable construction manufactured from stainless steel.

Material Stainless steel
Bed mounting Height adjustable docking bar with two hooks
Tube version Two x IV poles
Tube length 1350mm
Tube diameter 38mm
Tube thickness 2mm
IV pole length 500mm
IV pole adjustment Single- handed safety height adjustment
IV pole hooks Four x 5kg per hook
Medical rails Four 25 x 10 x 680mm
Total dimensions S Plate - 410 x 600 x 1770mm
M Plate - 510 x 600 x 1770mm
L Plate - 610 x 600 x 1770mm
Base weight S Plate - 24kg
M Plate - 26kg
L Plate - 33kg
Total weight without equipment S Plate - 46kg
M Plate - 50kg
L Plate - 55kg
Castors 125mm twin castors, two with brakes and two anti-static
Maximum weight of equipment S Plate - 30kg
M Plate - 50kg
L Plate - 80kg
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