Horizon 4 ICU cot

In critical care where childrens’ immune systems are more challenged and there are more invasive procedures to aid in the child’s care, the need for a clean, safe platform is clear.

The new Horizon 4 is a paediatric cot designed for the intensive care environment for the treatment of infants in critical situations. Available with or without integral weighing scales.


Key Features

  • Transparent side rail design ensures clear observation of the child at all times whilst maintaining their safety. Head & foot boards simply lift out and side rails lower giving true 360° access to the child.

  • Electric backrest and leg section adjustment, height adjustment and Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg for rapid, safe positioning.

  • Optional built in X‐Ray facility ensures full body X‐rays can be achieved easily without touching or disturbing the child.

  • The Horizon 4 Precision offers integrated weigh scales.

Technical Specification
Dimensions of sleep deck 665mm (W) x 1314mm (L)
Overall dimensions 930mm (W) x 1574mm (L)
Platform height 640mm to 870mm
Max height of side rail from platform 380mm
Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg Electric adjustment, 12.5°+/-0.5°
Backrest adjustment Electric adjustment, 0° to 75°
Leg section adjustment Electric, 0° to 23.5°
Maximum patient weight 70kg (11st)
Safe working load 90kg (14st)
Horizon 4 Brochure