Equiport equipment management solution

The Equiport is an equipment management solution designed for ITU/ICU environments. It enables all necessary equipment such as infusion bags,  infusion pumps and other medical electrical equipment such as ventilators, monitors and suction units to be positioned at the head of each bed providing efficient, compact and safe equipment management.


  • Provides an efficient and safe means of equipment management

  • Two IV poles with single-handed safety height adjustment

  • Provided with power board for 6 sockets

  • Robust, stable construction made from stainless steel

Weight 49kg
Maximum weight of equipment 55kg
Base plate 560 x 600 x 20mm
Base plate material Steel powder coated
Castors 125mm
IV poles Two units with four hooks
Adjustment of poles One-hand safety height adjustment
Pole material Stainless steel
Push handles Two at outer poles
Plug board UK 6 plugs